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Viscon Group introduces her new retail division: AimFresh! A new company focusing on innovative ideas for packaging and accessories for plants, & fresh produce in retail online and in stores. Why? We believe fresh products make life better, but they could shine more in stores and in homes. Aimfresh is about fresh, but with a sparkle! Aimfresh is a team of young marketeers, designers and dreamers who think about how a new generation would want to experience fresh. Who think about how fresh could be attractive, sparkling and easy for everyone. We think about look & feel, displays and easy maintenance. Everything a modern customers wants and expects.

Aimfresh is a Viscon Group company. Viscon Group designs production lines for production processes in Agro & Food. This helps the Aimfresh to design packaging & accessories which are created with the entire supply chain in mind: starting with the producers and ending in standard retail logistics.

Aimfresh designs packaging and accesoires to help our flowers, plants, vegetables & fruit shine in stores online and offline.

With our different retail brands with all their own expertise and focus we want to accomplish an innovative wave of packaging & accessories for plants & vegetables in retail.

These are the brands of Aimfresh:


WaterWick is a blue-and-white wick that extends into a water reservoir. The system provides plants with just the right amount water. It is ideal for growers because it keeps plants perky through transportation, as well as at retail. Plus, it’s ideal for consumers looking to make caring for plants easier. In addition to its ease of use, the WaterWick system allows growers to reduce substrate use by 50 percent and even growing with WaterWick is possible! WaterWick has a wonderful assortment of many different products which allows growers and retailers to choose the products which fit to their needs.

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Plantbutler is brand of innovative garden/plant accessories. To interest a new target audience by offering a simple solution for their ‘green’ problems. Plantbutler has a huge assortiment in ‘Grow Your Own’ products and Plant carriers which can be sold in many different ways.

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The Gardians

Are you thinking about ecommerce opportunities in plants? About Grow Your Own ideas for your product? About marketing in plants? Then we would love to introduce you our year round ‘mail your plants’ programme! The Gardians are little young plants which can be sent via regular mail or placed in every store with no maintenance requirements.

The young plants are packed in special high tech packaging which keeps the plants fresh without extra care. The packaging has been designed in 5 different themes to cater to everyone interested in Grow Your Own: healthy, beautiful or tasty plants!

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Viscon Retail Solutions

Are you looking for innovative packaging with custom made branding for your plants or vegetables?

Viscon Retail Solutions can be your partner! Product packaging is an important factor in how a product sells. Think of how many products are on the retail shelf, vying for everyone’s attention. How does your package become the one that customers reach for? There’s a lot to consider when designing product packaging, ranging from choosing the right graphic design and materials, to laws and regulations for a specific industry, to shipping, and the retailers’ requirements.

Viscon Retail Solutions is a team within Viscon Group, which specializes in Agro & Food production lines. With more than 25 years of experience in handling packed fresh produce & plants, we are bursting with ideas for the ideal packaging. For automation purposes, but for differentiating innovative retail solutions as well. With Viscon we like to think out of the box in automation solutions, but these ideas transfer to the fresh products we work with as well.

Our out of the box thinking resulted in new ideas inside a lot of different boxes. We designed creative packagings wich are designed with production, shipping and displays in mind. We design products we would like to have in our kitchens, which make fresh easy, attractive and sparkling! Please browse through the ideas in this brochure and contact us if you have ideas of your own, which you would like to see developed. We can partner in branding, designing and producing your creative packaging.

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